Uncharted Waters

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image shot with a $7 Fuji disposable waterproof 35mm camera
copyright 2006 olivier blanchard

I'm a bad blogger. I really am. I let a whole week go by without posting anything, checking my stats, answering comments, etc.

Bad, bad, bad. And very unlike me. What can I say? It was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm almost nervous about my technorati ranking. A week off might have knocked me way back into the 20K+ range. (Oh the horror!) ;D

Don't worry though, everything's fine. First, I have been swamped beyond all comprehension for the past few weeks, mostly with F360, and then had to deal with some computer issues. (Bad combination.) The computer thing is okay now, the schedule is still insanely full but manageable, and so I should be able to start posting half-way relevant diatribes again as early as... well, today!

Speaking of today, I just turned the big 35 sometime around 9:00am Continental Time (that's Zulu +1 for you military folks).

Wow. 35. Crazy.

FYI: I didn't notice any new gray hairs or unusual stiffness in any of my joints this morning. No bald spots... no new wrinkles, no loss of memory (beyond the usual)... The waist is still somewhere around 31", the height just a sliver under 6' the weight hovers around 162lbs, the resting heart rate is a steady 49bpm, and I swim my sprint triathlon race-pace 100's in 1:20. Yep, everything seems to be in order.

Anyway. 35. A new age. A new milestone. A whole new world of possibilities and goals and timelines: 5 years left until 40. *gulp* New clients. New demands. New points of view. New challenges. New levels of excellence. New discoveries. New notches on the proverbial bar. New unknown factors to tackle.


It's so good to be here, and it's great to be back.

PS: The photo is of my good friend and business partner Roby, who almost died of a pulmonary embolism last year. (The swimmer in front is his wife Holly.) Roby, who isn't totally comfortable with the open water, is doing his first open-water swim triathlon Saturday. A little over a year ago, he could hardly walk without being winded. As an athlete, he had to completely re-learn how to use his body. This Saturday, he'll be out there breaking new ground. Setting new personal records. Racing for the pure joy of being alive, of having a body that's almost completely healed, and of having the power to move forward regardless of obstacles and fears and reasons not to.

I could do a lot worse when it comes to friends and business partners. :)

Have a great day, everyone.

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