A Co-Creation Manifesto?

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This is definitely a must-read. Go here, download the PDF, read it, share it, and start incorporating its contents in your organization.

This piece is way overdue, but better late than never. ;) Thanks to James Cherkoff & Johnnie Moore for putting it together. Think of it as... co-creation 101.

Here are some of my favorite little snippets:

6. Play

“If it seems easy and fun, I’ll ask someone else to play.”

Having fun, sharing laughter, is a mark of a team of people that are sharing an experience. Fun is one of the strongest forms of social glue and if you’re not having fun, it’s going to be hard to consistently create fun experiences for others.

Adidas has shown a great sense of fun with its Adicolour range, a pair of white trainers that came complete with a paint palette, so that people could decorate them and create something special. The whole project was socialised online in the shape of a competition to find the best custom-job according to 60,000 public votes. Adidas took the winning entry and made 50 pairs—half of which were presented to the winner and half of which went on sale in NYC. The spirit of the product continued into the campaign featuring outdoor poster sites upon which people were invited to add their own graffiti.

"People like to congregate around objects, play with them and create their own meaning."

8. Work At It

“ If I’m going to be involved—you need to be involved.”

It’s important for brands to realise that participation is hard work, maybe harder work than traditional marketing. Brands that think they can just set up the forum and let their customers do all the work are going to be disappointed. Co-creation is not about someone else doing the job for you, it’s about working in a different way to get better, more fulfilling results.

"The hard core of customers will be way more enthusiastic than you are."
This "manifesto" should be mandatory reading in business and design schools the world over. Come to think of it, adding co-creation to most college-level marketing programs wouldn't hurt.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. :)

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