Hey, Media buyers! Over here!

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Very cool little graphic (props to MIT Adlab for the heads-up) that shows that no matter what you may have heard or read about the demise of newspaper advertising, it's still worth its weight in... well, paper. Green paper.

What does this graph tell us? Simply that TV and Magazine advertising are overrated, while newspaper and internet advertising are waaaaay underrated. (At least for auto manufacturers.)

The post I ripped this from also contains a link to a great article published recently in strategy-business.com entitled "The Future Of Advertising Is Now." (Subscription required.) Here's a taste:

"After a decade of denial, both mainstream media companies and major marketers are now accepting the facts: The methods by which consumers absorb information and entertainment — and the ways they perceive, retain, and engage with brands and brand messages — have changed irrevocably. As marketers take notice, their decisions are reshaping the media environment. Magazines are losing advertising to the Web (with total ad revenues declining about 2 percent per year since 1998); radio broadcasters are losing listeners, talent, and revenues to satellite upstarts and iPod playlists. Television networks also see the writing on the wall, as the penetration of digital television heralds the rise of video-on-demand, video downloads, interactive game networks, Internet TV, and other broadcast- and cable-busting enterprises. Broadcast advertising revenues declined in the upfront markets of both 2004 and 2005, according to the Jack Myers Media Business Report — the first-ever decrease in two consecutive years. In spring 2006, pundits predicted a third straight year of upfront price reductions. And the broadcasting CEO who seemed so confident about being the “only game in town”? He no longer has that job.

"Does that mean gloom and doom for the rest of us? Hardly. These can be glorious times for media companies and marketers that are capable of change. And they know it. Interviews with more than 50 senior marketers and media executives, ongoing research conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA); and analysis of data from a score of research services — all gathered from 2005 through early 2006 — support the observation that the prevailing attitudes among marketers have shifted. Most have come to accept the signal lesson of what is coming to be called the “nonlinear and engagement-focused” media environment: Marketing communications must be reborn as a consumer-centered craft."

Christopher Vollmer (vollmer_christopher@bah.com) is a vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton based in New York. He focuses on strategy development, consumer marketing, and advertising sales in media, entertainment, and consumer products.

John Frelinghuysen (frelinghuysen_john@bah.com) is a vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton based in New York. He specializes in strategy development and implementation for clients in media, entertainment, and consumer products.

Randall Rothenberg (rothenberg_randall@bah.com) is the senior director of intellectual capital at Booz Allen Hamilton, a media and marketing columnist for Advertising Age magazine, and the author of Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story (Alfred A. Knopf, 1994).

Read the entire thing here. (It's ten e-pages long, but it's worth the three minutes. ...and yes, I am a speed-reader.)

Tip: If you don't feel like taking the time to subscribe, try this sneaky little time-saver.

Here are a few more interesting tables from the piece:

Poor Exhibit 4. Does it actually say "lock in customer loyalty?" Oh man. See, Deepu? This is why I have to keep repeating myself. ;)

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